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Anapolon  is one of the strongest and most effective steroids administered orally.


Anapolon  is one of the strongest and most effective steroids administered orally. But he is also one of the most dangerous. He is well-known on the black market of steroids and especially attracts beginners who try to avoid injectables. But Anapolon  is not necessarily the best way.

Active substance: oximetolone
Commercial names: Anadrol, Anadrol, Anapolon , Anasteron, Androlic, Dinasten, Oximetolon, Rinasteron

Anapolon  is one of the strongest and most effective steroids administered orally. But he is also one of the most dangerous. There were also increases of 5-7 kg in just 14 days. During this time, the accumulation of water in the body takes place, which leads to the increase of muscle volume. The anapolon does not provide a qualitative increase in muscles but a quantitative one. An advantage lies in "wrinkling" due to the accumulation of water. The powerful androgenic action of Anapolon contributes to rapid recovery, which removes the danger of overstressing. Also, muscular strength increases during administration.

Medical is used to treat anemia caused by red cell deficiencies. Anapolon's ability to increase the number of red cells allows the muscles to absorb more oxygen; this, in turn, leads to greater resistance of the edges to the effort. A negative aspect is that there may also be an excessive pumping of the worked edge, causing pain, to the point of not being able to complete that exercise.

Another feature of Anapolon is that it leads to weight gain and increased appetite. But there is also a paradoxical effect, too much doses of Anapolon reduce appetite.

The most pronounced mass and strength gains occur in the first 3 weeks, then considerably decreases.

Administration of Anapolon 
The recommended dose is about 1-2 mg for 1 kg body weight. This corresponds to 50-150 mg per day. It starts at a small dose of 50 mg per day and increases gradually. Preferably, the 50 mg dose doubles after a few days, even a week. Those who weigh over 100 Kg or have made good progress can increase the dose to 150 mg a day, but not for a very long time. In studies, doses of 100 mg / day yielded results similar to those of 150 mg / day but with fewer side effects. Also, the higher the dose reduces the appetite, and increases the insulin and glucose resistance, so the nutrients will get harder into the muscles. So for many athletes the lower doses are better than the big ones! It is recommended that the administration should not exceed 4-6 weeks.

Anapolon  is especially used at the start of an injectable steroid cycle to start muscular mass gains faster. It is an accumulation agent, not useful for definition. He does not use himself, his weight being lost very quickly after cessation of administration. Never combine with another hepatotoxic steroid!

It is also used by athletes who need strength, but they do not have to fall into a particular weight category (heavyman or heavyweight powerlifter).

Side effects Anapolon

The anapolon is very toxic to the liver, the first symptoms are yellowing of the eyes and nails, the skin becoming yellow. Anaphale is the only steroid that can cause liver cancer, but this in case of abuse.
Also, gynecomastia, severe acne and massive hair loss, headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and diarrhea may occur. The feeling of general arousal may occur. It's not a steroid for beginners. Especially headaches and a feeling of permanent discomfort are very common with this steroid.

Even if the estrogen negative effects remain a mystery, the Anapolon is derived from DHT, and flavor inhibitors should not have any effect, many athletes who use it have reported that they can reduce water retention by using letrozole.

When it stops administering the "crash" will be very strong. To begin with, retained water will be eliminated, so suddenly scaling the weight. But that's something to be expected, so there's no cause for concern. The most important thing is restoring your own testosterone production. Anapolon will inhibit it quickly, so use of Clomid and Altomofen is mandatory after a cycle with this steroid. Before going out of the cycle some athletes opt for using an easier steroid such as Winstrol. This is to strengthen the accumulated muscle mass, which gives the results hoped for most of the time. Although it's still a little lost on the table, it's a great way to get out of the cycle with great results. However, post-cycle drugs should also be used, because Winstrol will not restore levels of testosterone. Winstrol and Anapolon 50 will not be taken at the same time, and these are two of the most toxic liver steroids. And the practice of following the administration of Anapolon 50 with a Winstrol is very dangerous, and the stress on the liver is huge. That's why it's not often used by athletes.

 CAREFUL! No one can deny: steroids work, and work well. But in our country they are illegal and most of the steroids that are found are counterfeited and of poor quality. There are good news too! For those who do not have quality steroids or do not want to be exposed to the risks associated with them, there are strong, legal and non-side effects that can bring you good and lasting results: Parabolan  and Methan for muscle mass, ThermaCuts and UltraSlim, for definition and weight loss.