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HCG (Pregnyl)

Human chormonic gonadotropin is used during courses of steroids to prevent testicular atrophy and inhibition of total testosterone.


Primobolan is the kind of steroid that either you love or you hate. Those who want as much weight and size, he said that it is for girls; those who shun harsh negative effects of steroids, and is looking to put a few kilos of pure muscle, he praises.

Administration of growth hormone

Administration of growth hormone The doses are 4-6 I.U. (International units) to achieve the best results, but are people using higher doses. But the ideal dose is calculated based on the weight of each. It was believed that daily administration is very important, as HGH has a lifetime low. But subsequent studies have refuted this hypothesis. The best way is a day adminitrare not give one. So, pulses are better mimic the natural release of growth hormone receptor and prevent supersaturation, which leads to better results in the long term.