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Minimum fat intake 18.05.2021

There is a lot of talk about how much protein and how many carbs you need to eat, but what is the minimum fat you should eat?

Where do vitamin supplements come from? How are they made? Are they more natural than white flour, sugar or medicines?

Delayed onset muscle fever is well known to all those who do sports, especially with weights. But does it indicate effective training or does it confuse us worse?

Counting the calories you eat is boring and unpleasant. But you should do it at least once in your life, for 30 days!

The thermogenesis of physical activity without exercise is all the calories burned apart from training, sleep and digestion. And it is an important tool in your fight against weight gain.

Higher testosterone levels and stronger erections!

Brain chemistry, metabolic regulation and appetite! What a combination of foods and macronutrients predispose you to fattening and sabotage your progress!

Does one of the symptoms here affect you? Or do you have such signs that can give you back and slow down your progress?

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Walking can burn fat, whether it is done outside or on a sloping treadmill!

This easily accessible plant chemical stops the replication of viruses.

This new study on the pectorals will surely surprise you. See what this is about.