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Are there natural substances with stronger effects than anabolic and androgenic steroids? Get out of here!

How much fat can you accumulate in your body after one day of overeating? How about Christmas or another holiday?

A simple and straightforward way to know how much growth a muscle has. When we ask ourselves why certain muscles or muscle groups grow more slowly as a result of training, compared to others, the impulse is to blame the composition of the muscle fibers in that muscle. Muscles that have more fast-responding muscle fibers grow a little easier, and conversely, those with more slow-responding muscle fibers grow harder.

Science continues to show that exercise is very effective when it comes to weight loss. What to do?

Beef protein omelet 10.12.2021

A real protein treat for meat and egg lovers.

In the marathon after muscle growth, these 8 mistakes are frequently made by both beginners and advanced!

Burn fat by running 09.09.2021

Do you know what is the best part about running an hour continuously? NONE! If you want to get rid of excess fat, try running at intensity intervals instead of jogging!

A type of training that many have not tried. Very bad, because it has excellent results.

If you are in excess calories, does it matter where most of the calories come from? Fats or carbohydrates? Get out of here!

3 ways to lift more weight above your head and have big strong shoulders.

For those without much time to eat breakfast, here is a very practical and easy to implement solution. And tasty!

Strength is becoming more and more fashionable! If you have passed the beginner level and want to increase your strength even more, try one of the advanced training methods presented here.