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Live better and longer with these supplements that support real health.

The healthiest supplements in an unhealthy world

To be healthy, you only need a healthy diet, right? NOT! Live better and longer with these supplements that support real health.

You've heard many times that you don't need nutritional supplements if you have a well-prepared diet based on whole foods. Theoretically it is, but the world we live in has changed compared to a hundred years ago when you could live very healthily from diet. 

Animals are raised industrially, crops are grown in nutrient-poor soils and pollutants are everywhere around us. Not to mention the constant stress brought by modern life. In this new world, even the most "clean" and well-planned diets are incomplete without certain key supplements. Depending on each individual, some nutritional supplements can be fundamental, especially if you suffer from chronic deficiencies of certain elements. 

Supplements can offer great advantages to those who want to change their physical appearance, sleep better, improve their thinking, immunity and even increase their happiness. 

Here is a list of 5 nutritional supplements to consider when you want better health and to increase your quality of life.

1. Fish oil purified by molecular distillation

If depression, an increasingly common disease, is associated with increased inflammation, isn't it logical to reduce inflammation? 

This is exactly what fish oil does - or more precisely the omega-3 fatty acids it contains. The two acids that fight inflammation are EPA and DHA, both of which are abundant in fish oil. 

Many people think of inflammation as acute, such as when you sprain your ankle and it swells. This type of inflammation is desirable, and helps the healing process (in fact, they are part of the healing process). What you don't want are chronic inflammations.

Everything in the body can become inflamed, including the brain. And when this happens, depression and/or anxiety appear. 

Why not take fish oil from your food?

It is said that where there is a lot more consumption, depression has lower rates. Therefore, the intake of omega-3 through the diet has obvious benefits. 

But how many of us have diets rich in fatty fish? And there is that problem with mercury, which is abundant in certain species of large fish such as cod or tuna. High-quality fish oil supplements are purified, that is, heavy metals are filtered out, releasing concentrated amounts of pure EPA and DHA! 

2. Magnesium

If you like to sleep well, go to the toilet regularly and have high testosterone, you want to supplement with magnesium! Magnesium is a mineral and electrolyte that has many functions in the human body, such as the production of testosterone, regulating blood sugar, increasing the absorption of vitamin D, improving the symptoms of constipation and reducing the risk of bone fractures. In recent years, it has been in the press more often because it also helps reduce anxiety, pre-menstrual symptoms and combats insomnia. Magnesium deficiencies can even be a cause of depression. 

Why not take magnesium from food?

Those who do a lot of sports need more magnesium than the general population. This makes it difficult to ingest enough magnesium from food alone. 

Theoretically it is possible, but how many of us eat significant amounts of pumpkin seeds, spinach and animal organs at every meal? You would have to eat 9 organic bananas just to reach the recommended minimum of magnesium (and this for the general population). 

To supplement yourself with magnesium, choose chelated forms.

3. Vitamin D3

Vitamin D 3 is not just a supplement, it is a damn powerful substance. It can increase testosterone levels, libido, immunity, prevent muscle injuries, increase strength, support mood and much more. 

And vitamin D deficiencies have serious consequences: reduced testosterone, compromised immunity, general weakness, osteoporosis, depression, etc.

Why not get vitamin D from food?

You may! If it's sunny most of the day and you stay in it as naked as possible, without sunglasses and in any season. Regarding food, there are few foods with a high content of vitamin D. This is probably why vitamin D deficiencies are the order of the day! 

General doses vary between 1000 IU/day and 5000 IU/day. Always take vitamin D during a meal with fat, for optimal absorption.

4. Iron

Ladies and gentlemen, regain your energy. Iron deficiencies are often found in women during the pre-menstrual period (when they have a cycle), because a lot of iron is lost through bleeding. 

Iron deficiencies can cause severe fatigue even during mundane activities such as climbing stairs. And don't think that iron deficiencies occur only in women. Men can suffer from it too. 

Iron is also linked to dopamine, so iron deficiencies can mess up your brain; this is probably why they are associated with depression and anxiety.

Why not get iron from food?

Many believe that eating red meat solves the problem. It can work for some. But many women who train intensively and have a regular menstrual cycle, cannot get the iron they need only from red meat. That's why the consumption of organs is recommended, but let's be realistic: many people don't touch them! Beef liver, for example, is an abomination to the taste buds. 

That's why iron supplements are a much more...(humane??)... easy method to avoid deficiencies. There are iron supplements based on heart, liver and dried blood. These capsules tend to be the most effective. 

5. Protein powder

Protein deficiencies are not very common in developed societies. We have access to plenty of meat and protein products. But here we are not talking about deficiencies, but about optimality. 

Proteins in abundance have many advantages, from supporting the weight loss process and muscle mass when you have a caloric deficit, to a higher degree of satiety and increasing muscle mass

Why not take protein from food?

It is perfectly possible to do this, and it is recommended that most of your protein comes from whole foods. But it is not something easy if you are a busy adult. And a chicken breast is not necessarily something very attractive. 

Think beyond the protein shake, Protein powders can be used as an ingredient to cook all kinds of protein sweets. 

After training, he uses whey protein powders, and for the rest of the day he uses a casein protein powder (micellar if possible).