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Active substance: Clomiphene Citrate
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Unit: 60 tabs (50mg/tab)

45.00 USD Buy

Clomed – antiestrogen of non-steroidal structure whose action is conditioned by specific binding with estrogenic receptors of ovarian and pituitary gland. It suppresses the negative effect of the steroids. When low estrogen level in the organism takes place it reacts in moderate estrogenic effect, when the level is high – the effect is anti-estrogenic. In low dosages it inhibits secretion of gonadotropins (prolactin, FSH and LH), stimulates ovulation. In big dosages it inhibits secretion of gonadotropins. Has no progestogenic and androgenic action. Mainly used as stimulator for own testosterone production, Clomed stimulates pituitary gland for larger gonadotropine release and this leads to fast increase of the amount of follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormone in the blood. As a result, the level of endogenic testosterone and steroids’ action is increased. Clomed has its effect on steroidal action first of all when own testosterone secretion is suppressed because of anabolic/androgenic steroids usage.

How to use:

Dosage: 50-100 mg per day (1-2 tablets). Tablets, as a rule, are used after the meal, drinking some liquid. The usage duration should not exceed 10-14 days. The majority of athletes start using with 100 mg per day taking 50 mg in the morning and in the evening after the meal. On 5th day it often happens that the dosages are decreased with  50 mg - one tablet per day.

The effect:

Clomed is used in strength sport for restoration of own testosterone production after steroidal courses that suppress the production of own testosterone. Clomed stimulates the release of gonadotropines by pituitary gland and this leads to fast increase of testosterone in the blood.

Side effects:

The duration of Clomed course shouldn’t exceed 10-14 days, otherwise the reverse effect for testosterone restoration takes place.

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