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Testosteron C Bodypharm

1 vial (200mg/ml 10 ml)
Testosteron C (Testosterone Cypionate) Bodypharm 10ml (200mg/ml) – Injectable Steroids 
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Testosteron C (Testosterone Cypionate) Bodypharm 10ml (200mg/ml) – Injectable Steroids 

Testosterone C is produced by Bodypharm. It is a popular drug designed to recruit mass and increase strength. By contacting our online steroid store, you will be able to buy Testosterona C. We also sell other drugs for athletes.


The active ingredient of the steroid is Testosterone Cipionate. It is a prolonged ester of the male hormone, having high anabolic and androgenic properties. After administration Cipionate works for 14-16 days, which saves athletes from the need to often administer steroid. We will highlight the most important properties of AAS for billers:

  • Allows you to gain a large amount of medium quality mass.
  • Force parameters are rapidly increasing.
  • Motivation increases, and the athlete spends more time in a hall.
  • Positively affects joint performance.
  • The sexual inclination amplifies.

Unfortunately, there are no perfect steroids. Testosterone C was no exception. If the rules of its application are ignored, the risks of side development increase significantly. First of all, we are talking about negative effects of estrogen type. To successfully combat gynecomastia and active fluid delay in the body, it is enough for you to introduce an aromatase inhibitor into the Testosterona C course.

With regard to androgenic sides, they are extremely rare. They are most often encountered by athletes in whose body the enzyme 5-alpha reductase manifests high activity. It is possible to eliminate negative effects of this type with the help of medical preparation Finasteride. Experienced bilders using anabolics for a long time in a high dose cannot do without Gonadotropin.


At once it should be said that athletes of different level of preparation can order Testosterona C. This drug with competent use is guaranteed not to cause the development of side-pieces. Within seven days, it is enough to put 2 injections to provide a level hormonal background. The weekly dosage of steroid is 250-750 mg. The course involving this drug most often lasts 1.5-2.5 months, and after its completion it is necessary to carry out PCT.

If the athlete stopped getting good results from the solo of Testosterone Cipionata courses, he should start combining it with another pharma. Most commonly used for this are Anapolon, Metandienon, Parabolan, Boldenon, Trenbolon Enantat, Nandrolon Decanoate. Testosterone C ‘s ligaments with these drugs will allow you to gain a large amount of mass with minimal health risks.


Great product very good price
I have used this product for four years with very good results. It takes me about 6 weeks to receive it, other than that, I am completely satisfied with the web site and the product.

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