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Buy Tamoximed 20mg 15tabs online

Tamoximed 20mg 15tabs

15 tabs (20 mg/tab)
Tamoximed, being non-steroidal substance, owns expressed antisteroidal features.
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General information

Tamoximed In bodybuilding is known as Novaldex. Tamoximed is used by the sportsmen both as a selective modulator of estrogen receptor and as anti-estrogen.

Although Tamoximed doesn’t prevent the accumulation of estrogen in the organism, this doesn’t make it difficult for it to act on the defined receptors, first of all to those that are found in nipples. This is an advantage for bodybuilders because this area is especially vulnerable to gynecomastia during the use of highly aromatized steroids such as testosterone.
Another advantage is that the results after the use of this substance increase testosterone level and this builds the body stimulating the production of LH. This matter makes this substance an excellent choice for PCT (post-course therapy).

How to use:
According to the recommendations, the most popular dosages are doses of 10-30 mg per day. For prophylaxis of problems that are caused by an increased content of estrogens in the organism, the dosage of 10 mg will be enough. Also for prophylaxis purposes, it is recommended to use Tamoximed when the steroid course is stopped, approximately after 3-4 weeks. But athletes that are disposed to gynecomastia and to aromatization or accumulation of proteins in the organism when using strong steroids of Danabol, Anapolon, and Testosterone as well as without them, choose to apply Tamoxifed dosages of 20-30 mg. I have already mentioned about the effectiveness of Tamoxifen and Provimed combination, so, when they are combined, the compound dosages should be 20-30 mg and 25-50 mg correspondently. Approximately the same dosages are recommended to be used by women during preparations for the competitions as well as during steroid usage.

The effect:
Tamoxifed, being non-steroidal substance, owns expressed anti steroidal features. This is related to its ability to prevent estrogen absorption in specific parts of the receptors of target-organs. Tamoxifen inhibits receptors of autogenic estrogens and thus inhibits the progress of tumor disease that is stimulated by the estrogens.

Side effects:
The appearance of side effects usually doesn’t require therapy schedule changes or treatment stops.
The possible effects are nausea, vomiting, redness, dry skin, dizziness, headaches, depression, drowsiness, pain in the bones and lesions, itching in the genital area, vaginal bleeding, edema, alopecia, vision disorders, thrombosis, phlebitis.


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