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Pregnyl 1500

Pregnyl 1500

Active substance: human chorionic gonadothropine
Manufacturer: Organon
Unit: 1 amp 1500 IU/amp

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Pregnil (gonadothropine) has a stimulating effect on steroidogenesis in the gonads, similar to the effect of luteinizing hormone. In men, stimulates the production of testosterone, and in women - the production of estrogen and progesterone after ovulation.

The drug can be used in combination with Puregon to induce ovulation.

Most athletes take HCG at the end of a steroid course to not "break" or give themselves the best transition to the "natural training." The slow and gradual reduction of steroid dose is the most important thing. HCG very quickly leads to a significant increase in the level of endogenous testosterone, but does not help much in dealing with the loss of strength and mass at the end of the steroid course. 

HCG stimulates the production of testosterone , it does not affect the "hypothalamus - pituitary - testes ," and does not lead to its recovery . After a more or less prolonged steroid the hypothalamus and pituitary are still in a low state and when taking HCG, because he suppresses endogenous testosterone production of LH ( luteinizing hormone ) . And once the reception ends HCG, the athlete still has to go through the recovery phase. Receiving HCG only postpones this phase. Therefore, experienced athletes often take Clenbuterol immediately after a course of HCG, or start a new steroid course. Some get HCG for two - three weeks of rest steroids..

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