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Oxandrolon 10 Bodypharm

100 tabs (10 mg/tab)
Oxandrolone (Anavar) Bodypharm
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It is a steroid with a very weak androgenic component. It has been found that oxandrolin in reasonable doses has no side effect. This work is also due to the fact that it was initially designed for women and children.

Oxandrolone has the unique ability to significantly stimulate phosphocreatine synthesis in muscle cells more than other steroids that generates a faster recovery and a distinct elevation of ATP. Of course, all steroids have this effect to some extent, Oxandrolone is simply unparalleled in this aspect.

Due to this quality, a rapid increase in strength has often been reported and a distinct density of muscles.

Although there is a fairly common belief that oxandrolone is not very anabolic, a clinical trial showed a 44% increase in muscle protein synthesis only 5 days after administration. As oxandrolone does not flavor estrogen, water retention is small and gynecomastia is not a problem. Also, for the same reason, in defining periods, fat deposits burn more quickly especially when this steroid is administered with clenbuterol.

Oxandrolone has been reported to be well administered with so-called "mass" steroids such as testosterone or strong anabolic and moderately androgenic steroids such as Equipoise or Deca Durabolin. People over 40 have reported excellent results associating 15-25 mg oxandrolone per day with 200-400 mg deca durabolin per week.


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