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Anavar or oxandrolone is a steroid used by people who want to get a quality muscle mass without side effects, as well as gains in strength. It is very important to note that oxandrolone or anavar as it is known on the market has a more anabolic effects than testosterone, but after 6 weeks of use the increase in muscle mass will not be very high because oxandrolone does not retain water in the body. It is very useful for those who want to define or even lose weight. No major side effects can even be used by women. It is not necessary to use anti-estrogens because oxandrolone will not flavor. It is a product often used by athletes, gymnasts and swimmers. The muscle mass accumulated after using this steroid is very qualitative, the daily recommended dose is 30-60mg per day. In mass storage cycles, oxandrolone is used to burn fat from hypercaloric diets, but also to increase the anabolic effects of other steroids such as trenbolone enanthate, parabolane, or testosterone cipionate. There is no need for a post cylum after the use of oxandrolone because it does not influence the levels of its own androgenic hormones.


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