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Nandrolon D Bodypharm

1 vial (250mg/ml 10 ml)
Nandrolon-D (Nandrolone Decanoate) one vial of 10ml (250mg/ml) – Injectable Steroids from BodyPharm.
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Nandrolon-D (Nandrolone Decanoate) one vial of 10ml (250mg/ml) – Injectable Steroids from BodyPharm.

Nandrolone D from BodyPharm is a classic steroid (active ingredient – nandrolone decanoate) to increase muscle mass and aerobic performance. It is interesting that under the influence of heavy and prolonged loads, the body can independently release nandrolone. However, its concentration is small, and is no more than a few nanograms per milliliter of urine. You can buy nandrolone even in pharmacies, but the price of it will be very high, given the minuscule doses.

Nandrolone D, compared to testosterone, has no carbon atom at the 19th position, and therefore it is more like progestins. The androgenic effect of nandrolone is significantly less than that of testosterone (about 1/3), and the anabolic effect is increased by one and a half times.

Effects from Nandrolon D reception

  • Excellent muscle mass growth (up to 8 kilograms can be gained for a course of four weeks).
  • Improvement of joint lubrication (increase of liquid quantity), elimination of joint pain.
  • Increase in aerobic productivity. Nandrolone D contributes to an increase in erythrocytic blood mass, which improves oxygen delivery to muscles. As a result, they can work longer and with higher performance, without “acidification.”
  • Increase in immunity of an organism.
  • Lack of “kickback phenomenon”.

Nandrolone D does not convert to androgen metabolites unlike conventional testosterone. As a result of enzymatic decomposition (which is produced by the same 5-alpha reductase as testosterone), nandrolone is converted to dihydrotestosterone and then dihydronandrolone. In this form, the hormone has very little effect on the body, with little or no side effects. Conversion to nandrolone estrogens is 5 times lower than testosterone.


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