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The most effective sexual supplement

Higher testosterone levels and stronger erections!

Until recently, we knew that the plant eurycoma longifolia, or tongkat ali, increased testosterone levels. We also knew that they prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. We knew it released bound testosterone to make it available to the muscles.

And I knew that eurycoma leads to better erections, but I thought this last aspect was just a side effect of increased testosterone.

But we did not know that eurycoma strengthens erections through a totally separate mechanism, independent of testosterone; when added the rest of its properties turn out to be the closest supplement to a true aphrodisiac.

A few words about sexual desire or lack thereof
It is estimated that 30-40% of people go through a period of several months of lack of sexual desire, a few months a year. This lack of desire can be attributed to depression, medications, diabetes, hypothyroidism, social and interpersonal problems, or any condition that inhibits the release of dopamine.

Lack of sexual desire can also be caused by a lack of neurochemical feedback after sexual stimulation, disorders of neurotransmitters in the brain, and of course, too low levels of steroid hormones, the main one being testosterone.

Until now, the only drugs available to treat low libido were testosterone itself and some untested herbs! But eurycoma longigolia appeared.

Increased testosterone
Malaysian men have been using tongkat ali for hundreds of years. And in recent years, its popularity in the West has grown.

The sexual effects of the plant are given by two quasinoids - eurycomanone and 13-alpha- (21) dihydro eurycomanone. They increase levels of luteinizing hormone and FSH, which in turn increase testosterone production in the testicles.

But it doesn't end there. Eurycoma increases testosterone levels even more by two other biochemical mechanisms. It blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and selectively controls the conversion of DHEA to testosterone.

Erectile integrity
An erection is a hydraulic miracle. Initially, an erotic thought or an external stimulus sends a signal to the arteries in the penis, they relax and allow a large amount of blood to pass through them. Then these veins contract which pressurizes the penis and enlarges it.

One of the chemicals that causes erections is nitric oxide. Others are a family of chemicals called rho kinases (ROCK). They are found in many tissues and have therapeutic applications in many conditions including cancer, asthma, diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

When you inhibit ROCK, you have bigger and stronger erections, and eurycoma also seems to inhibit ROCK-2, which gives it its aphrodisiac properties.

Of course, the effects of the planet may be a combination of more testosterone, ROCK-2 inhibition and perhaps other as yet undiscovered mechanisms.

Another aspect of a healthy reproductive system is fertility. And this plant seems to help there too!

Anything that increases testosterone levels can and should increase muscle mass levels, if in addition there are endurance workouts and ok nutrition.

Unfortunately, there are no studies to test eurycoma in this regard, although two have shown promising results indirectly. A study with a dose of 400 mg / day of eurycoma for 5 weeks, led to an increase in testosterone and muscle strength.

Another study involved a dose of 100 mg / day in men who were training with weights. The men significantly increased their arm circumference compared to the placebo group.

So take at least 100 mg / day of eurycoma for optimal results.