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The cheapest way to increase your testosterone

If you like to play sports you need to know about the benefits that probiotics can bring!

Big problem, easy solution
Up to 85% of the population of developed countries is deficient in magnesium. It is a big problem, this mineral being involved in over 300 biochemical processes in the body.

Zinc deficiencies are not as widespread, but they have the same devastating effects on health as being a key element in hormonal balance, cell divisions, wound healing, energy levels, and carbohydrate metabolism.

Not having enough of one of these minerals is bad, but being deficient in both magnesium and zinc is a disaster. Not only will it negatively affect your overall health, but it will also give you a great spit in your testicles!

Without adequate amounts of these minerals, testosterone levels drop and testicular functions generally collapse until your jewelry needs jogging to move, making it even worse for sports people.

To make matters worse, zinc and magnesium (along with a few other minerals) come out of the body through perspiration, so the more intense movement you do, the more zinc and magnesium you lose.

This leads to even lower testosterone levels, making progress even more difficult. But there is a simple solution! Pretty cheap but effective supplement, ZMA; It gives you good doses of zinc and magnesium and restores your testosterone production and testicular functions.

How do you know you have deifying? Either you can assume that you are deficient in zinc and / or magnesium, chances are high enough to be, you can do some more serious blood tests, or you can look after some symptomatic indications.

Symptoms of zinc deficiency
Besides the problems related to muscle, strength and performance caused by low levels of zinc, there are other signs including, but not limited to:

Difficulty in accumulating muscle mass.
Low libido.
Bad sleep.
Thin hair.
Allergy-specific symptoms.
Loss of appetite.
Weakened immune system (slightly cool).
And there is the role of zinc in reproduction. Zinc is required for the production and regulation of several hormones, including testosterone. It is vital in the development of male sexual organs, and those with deficiencies have underdeveloped testes and low spermatogenesis.

Zinc plays an important role in the production of prostate fluid and some studies have found links between zinc levels and the ability to obtain and maintain an erection.

Adding zinc to a low-zinc diet can restore androgen levels by increasing the luteinizing hormone, a hormone that stimulates testosterone production. Zinc is also a flavoring inhibitor, which means it stops the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

Signs of magnesium deficiency
Magnesium deficiencies are associated with the following general symptoms:

Difficulty in accumulating muscle mass.
Low libido.
Difficulty in weakness.
Bad sleep.
Bad recovery.
Muscular cramps.
Weakness and fatigue.
Eye twitching.
Magnesium-based studies show that supplementation with it leads to increased physical performance, increasing the bioavailability of testosterone. Testosterone is mainly linked to magnesium, not SHBG, which increases total levels of free testosterone.

This phenomenon is more pronounced in those who exercise. A study of cyclists found that magnesium can increase free testosterone by 15% in sedatives and by 24% in sports people.

Why are we deficient in zinc and magnesium?
It is known that intense exercises and abundant perspiration accelerate the excretion of these elements, but most likely the diet and culinary habits cause deficiencies!

Carbon dioxide is a big problem, as phosphate in them binds to magnesium. As well as the phytates from different borders. Both sugar and caffeine have an antagonistic relationship with magnesium, the more you ingest them, the more magnesium you lose.

Zinc deficiencies are caused by the already mentioned abundant sweating, poor absorption, or low intake of zinc-rich foods; a cause is also the soil increasingly poor in zinc and magnesium, which decreases the content of these minerals from plants grown in it.

You can eat more foods rich in these minerals but absorption can be a problem and you do not know exactly how much you ingest.

Even if it is growing in optimal conditions, you should eat a lot of these foods to repair the deficiencies. For example, eating 9 bananas would mean meeting the recommended daily dose of magnesium.

A cheap alternative
ZMA supplements are a combination of zinc and magnesium, used to restore testosterone levels and reproductive functions, caused by deficiencies of these minerals.

ZMA and magnesium in ZMA are usually chelated, which means they have a good absorption. Each capsule also contains vitamin B6, which increases the absorption and use of minerals. It is advisable to take ZMA on an empty or semi-empty stomach 40 minutes before bedtime. In addition to increasing testosterone, it also helps with more restful sleep.

And women should use ZMA, not just men, these two minerals also play important roles in their hormonal balance.