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Take this to fight viruses

This easily accessible plant chemical stops the replication of viruses.

By now you probably read everything you could about how lack of sleep, excessive stress, and poor personal hygiene predispose you to illness! All of these work, but they are too rudimentary, too "basic" as today's young people would say.

I? I prefer powders and potions. I like nutrients and chemicals, medicines, and herbs - anything has the potential to prolong your life and make you a more functional human being; among these features is the magnifying glass with bacteria and viruses.

There is an herbal derivative that has strong antiviral and antibacterial effects. And it is the well-known curcumin, around which there is a lot of valve because it seems to make a horror for the human body. Among them is the fight against inflammation, the destruction of fat cells, the increase of testosterone, the improvement of memory and psyche, etc.

Now we can add to the list the antiviral effects. As we live in an era of misinformation and misinterpretation, I must say it bluntly that I do not suggest that if you use curcumin you get rid of Covid-19. I say that there is enough evidence for curcumin and other viruses to prove that it has a preventive or curative role in the fight against this new coronavirus.

A long list of viruses

Curcumin has already shown antiviral effects against the following human pathogens:

Hepatitis B virus
Hepatitis C virus
Human papillomaviruses
Dengue virus (mosquito-borne virus)
Chikungunya virus (mosquito-borne virus)
Human respiratory syncytial virus
Rift Valley fever (a disease that is transmitted from animals to humans)
Herpes simplex
Influenza viruses PR8, H1N1, and H6N1
An enteric coronavirus (from the same family as COVID-19, but which occurs in the intestines).
Many of these results have been obtained in vitro (in the test tube), but it is not at all exaggerated to speculate that it applies to living things.

Curcumin, beyond viruses, is an effective immunomodulator in activating T cells, B cells, macrophages, neutrophils and other immune cells. It can also decrease the inflammatory response of some cytokines, which interact with immune cells to regulate the response to infections and diseases.

All these effects are impressive, especially since curcumin seems to have effects on the viruses themselves, making their activities difficult in the body.

In some cases - such as mosquito-borne viruses - curcumin interferes with the binding of the virus to cells. It does not kill the virus but only prevents it from attaching to the vulnerable cells.

In other cases, curcumin even interferes with viral replication or suppresses some cellular signaling pathways.

The best news is that much research shows that the effects of curcumin can be obtained with relatively small doses, perfectly feasible, and that viruses affected by curcumin cannot develop resistance to it.