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Foods for optimal health

Quality food for performance and physical appearance

The foods here are related to optimal health, superior physical performance and better appearance. Being relatively cheap you can take advantage of their properties as often as possible.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil abounds in medium-chain fatty acids that protect the brain, manage blood sugar and improve energy use in the body for a better body composition (higher muscle mass and lower fat levels). Extravirgin coconut oil (because of this form it is) does not enter the cholesterol cycle, so the fat in its composition is not deposited in the fat cells.

A recent study of Malaysian population growing coconut has found that consuming 30 ml 3 times a day for one month has led to weight loss and thinning without negatively affecting health in any way.

Named by antiobesity food scientists, avocados is full of nutrients and antioxidants; although rich in monounsaturated fats, studies show that regular consumption of avocados maintains low levels of body fat. Of course, this effect is zero if the rest of the diet is on the ground, but if you have a typical bodybuilder diet (rich in protein, low in carbohydrates), avocado can improve your health and physical appearance.

Researches on the subject abound: a diet analysis of 1,757 Americans showed that those who ate more avocados had a lower weight and a lower waist circumference, and the risk of metabolic syndrome was 50% lower. And it's not about people who are actively interested in a healthy diet!

Eggs are the perfect source of protein, with high doses of choline, a nutrient that detoxifies the liver. That's why eggs are the basic food in bodybuilding for decades. Keeping the liver healthy means that toxins are removed more easily and that is also seen through a better physical appearance. Do not be afraid to eat them daily. Recent research shows that 3 eggs per day IMPROVE the cholesterol profile, lower inflammation in the body and better manage your blood sugar when you follow a low carbohydrate diet.

You've already heard good news, that black chocolate is a super-food full of antioxidants and that protects the heart. This is due to the high cocoa content.

Cacao not only supports cardiovascular functions, it also improves insulin signaling, and studies show an association between higher consumption of dark chocolate and a more supple physique. The minimum cocoa quality of a quality black chocolate must be 72%, with no added sugar! Chocolate containing dairy products should be avoided, and dairy products block the activity of certain antioxidants. Another option is to mix pure black cocoa into yoghurt or kefir.

Not as delicious as chocolate, kimchi is fermented cabbage, being a kind of Korean food that improves bowel health and insulin sensitivity. One study showed that overweight subjects who eaten 100g per day of kimchi at each meal for 4 weeks decreased their body fat by 1.5%. And blood pressure was better and glycemic control improved until the end of the study.