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Steroid Articles

Primobolan is the kind of steroid that either you love or you hate. Those who want as much weight and size, he said that it is for girls; those who shun harsh negative effects of steroids, and is looking to put a few kilos of pure muscle, he praises.

Active substance: metanolon acetate / methenolone enanthate
Names: Primobola, S Primobolan, Primobolan Depot, Primobolan

Primobolan is found both in tablet form and injectable. Primobolan is the name of the oral form and Primobolan Depot is the injectable form. The oral form is attached to the ethyl ester of the injectable form when the attachment was higher enanthate ester.

Primobolan has a very low androgenic effect. Androgenic effect is 6% and the anabolic 68%. His administration has been a rapid increase in muscle mass and strength. Therefore it is administered for a longer period of time. Muscle mass is achieved such quality and kept largely over and after withdrawal Primobolan.

Primobolan is one of those steroids that has a cult back. Although many steroid users do not find him so effective, this is due mainly to the fact that they use them long enough, and sufficiently large doses. Variant longer-acting injectable ester contains, enanthate, it should therefore be used in cycles of 12 weeks or more. Putting even a dose of 400 mg / week, plus the high cost, produces a steroid expensive. This is why many use it less for shorter periods of time, and do not obtain the desired results. Among professional bodybuilders it is often used during diets definition, being one of the few steroids that build muscle mass and caloric and protein intake below. It can be compared best with Masteron, another steroid good definition.

A special feature of Primobolan is that it helps to burn fat. That's because an affinity to bind to androgen receptors (more than even testosterone). It found that a strong binding to androgen receptors is positively correlated with lipolysis (fat burning).

Primobolan acts as a reducing mammary tumors, so there is no need to be used estrogens, can be added to the contrary steroid cycles with a high degree of gynecomastia, to help prevent it. Not flavored in any dosage, so do not hold water, no risk of gynecomastia and does not cause acne strong.

Administration Primobolan
If Primobolan injectable dose is 200-800 mg per week. 200 mg do not notice big changes, a real minimum dose of 400 mg / week. It is said that this was one of the steroids used by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and reaching it at doses of 1000 mg / week, though these are extreme doses. For tablets, the dose is 100-200 mg / day.

For injectable version should be long cycles, a minimum of 10 weeks. Pills standard cycle for 8 weeks.

Athletes use doses of 25-50 mg / day Primobolan pills.

Being a steroid easily, can be combined with other steroids. When needs can define users fully with trenbolone or Halotestin. Accumulating as much mass combined with testosterone, Anapolon 50 or Dianabol.

Great care must be taken to purchase its Primobolan is one of the most faked steroid on the black market (Deca-durabolin and with Anavar). It is extremely difficult to obtain products from legitimate pharmaceutical companies, so much of the black market Primobolan is produced by underground companies.

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