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Lose weight without exercising

The thermogenesis of physical activity without exercise is all the calories burned apart from training, sleep and digestion. And it is an important tool in your fight against weight gain.

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What if I told you that you could lose weight without changing your diet or exercise program? You'd be interested, wouldn't you? If I told you that this way you will lose weight and you will not gain weight again! It looks too good to be true! No, it's not a magic pill. It requires physical effort, but not sports. And while doing this you can do various things that you have to complete, you can listen to music, you can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, etc.

I'm not talking about any supplement or substance, but about the thermogenesis of physical activity without exercise (TAFFE).

The premise of the thermogenesis of physical activity without exercises

Thermogenesis of physical activity without exercise refers to all energy burned by the body except that burned during training, sleep and food digestion.

Basically, it's the movement you make every day. Walking to the car. Walking to the bathroom. The shower! Dish washing. Dust wipe. A walk in the park. And so on

So, doing household chores and being as active as possible in daily life helps you burn a ton of fat!

The power of thermogenesis of physical activity without exercise

Daily movements and displacements (our TAFFE) represent a very large proportion of the calories burned daily.

For active individuals it means more than 50% of all the calories they burn every day. Even in the sedentary, TAFFE means 15% of the total calories burned every day.

The one who rides a bike to work will burn more calories through the thermogenesis of physical activity without exercise than the one who takes the subway, logically!

Vacuuming burns 120 extra calories per hour for a 68 kg person. The same goes for washing the car, a little less if you wash the dishes, and more for walking or cycling easily. Compare that to pedaling on a stationary bike or treadmill, which burns about 400 calories per hour (obviously varies, depending on speed and person).

So, without going to workouts you burn a lot of calories. All these activities come together to produce significant changes in body composition.

One study found that a thermogenesis of exercise without higher exercise means lower insulin levels, a narrower waist and higher HDL levels.

Those with higher TAFFE tend to be leaner and healthier

Another study looked at the impact of TAFFE when you eat too much. When participants ate 1,000 calories above their normal, TAFFE was strongly correlated with their ability to stay lean!

Metabolic changes

As you exercise more and eat less, your metabolism decreases. There are also nutritional strategies to combat this, such as cheating.

But, the thermogenesis of physical activity without exercise will not affect your metabolism in the same way as diet and exercise. Therefore, simply increasing TAFFE may be a more sustainable way to lose weight.

How to increase the thermogenesis of physical activity without exercise

The first step is to take a measure to know how you are doing. You can quantify TAFFE by estimating the calories burned in a given period of time. The only way to do this is through fitness bracelets.

The actual figure it indicates does not matter too much and can have very large deviations. It is important to have a basic level, no matter what it is, and to watch if it increases or decreases depending on how much you move. This way you will have an objective way to assess how physically active you are during the day.

You can increase your TAFFE by almost anything that makes you move but it is not as vigorous as exercise.

Depending on where you live, you can have many options to go to work. For example, you can ride a bike or walk to work. And traveling by public transport makes you move a little more than if you took the car.

Home stuff
Now that you know that dusting or washing dishes helps you lose weight, you should have more initiative to do household chores. If you have a spouse or roommates, you also have the bonus of making them happy.

If you live alone, at least your house won't look like it did after the war. Either way, everyone wins. So make it a habit to clean the house!

Postural adjustments - short breaks
When you actively control your posture - pull your shoulders back and have your right spine - you burn calories. So check your posture periodically.

Similarly, every time you work at the office and you feel numb, get up, go drink some water, go to the bathroom, take an office tour. if you can take a short walk around the building it's perfect!

Make a hobby that involves movement. Or if you already have active hobbies, do them more often.

Start fishing, hiking, painting or playing a musical instrument. Even going to concerts burns calories (if you skip alcohol and bad food!).

We are made to be on the move all the time. It may seem absurd in modern society, but as anyone with an active job can tell you (such as a personal trainer who stands and moves all day), you get used to it and you even start to like constant movement.

Exercise is the foundation of a well-built physique and sound health.