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Does more muscle mass burn more calories?

It was believed that for every kilogram of muscle gained, you burn an extra 100 calories. That sounded great on paper. But unfortunately, it is not true!

So does increasing muscle mass increase metabolism? The answer is YES, but not much.

Research shows that every kilogram of muscle gained hardly burns 8-14 extra calories per day. If you want to burn 100 extra calories a day you should put on 5-10 kg of muscle, which is MUCH!

Good news

This seemingly daunting news can be good. Let's start with the beginning: even if you could put on 5-10 kg of muscle (and that would take years, not months), the 100 extra calories a day will still not give you "fat burning capabilities." of a furnace ". But having so much muscle would still be beneficial for the body and for weight loss.

Moving more muscle mass results in greater caloric burn. Calories burned by one kilogram of muscle at rest are few, the work done to create that kilogram of muscle will have positive effects on the body. And when your more muscular body sports, you will burn more calories.

It is worth remembering that adding a lot of muscle mass, in itself, will not help you burn much more calories. But it can help you feel more efficient, which will burn more calories.

Building muscle mass does not increase your metabolism as much as you would like, but it does not overestimate the impact of basal metabolism. The real benefits come from the work done to build muscle mass!