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Cycle for Define Muscle with Primobolan an Anavar

Define muscle cycle with Primobolan and Anavar

It is a steroid cycle according to a calorie restricted diet. It is recommended to those who follow lower fat and muscle definition.

It is a steroid ring term (12 weeks) but with relatively low side effects. It fits very well with a calorie restricted diet is ideal for those who want to burn fat and to define their muscles. It will record and moderate gains in muscle mass.

But how diet is an important factor in the cycle, the main goal will be to define muscle mass accumulation not. Primobolan and Anavar two steroids are relatively safe, so the possible side effects are reduced.

Besides the two basic components will be added and 200 mg / week testosterone to maintain the normal androgen levels (energy, libido, mood). It takes longer than the cycle for Primobolan it needs some time to make their effects felt.

The main drawback of this cycle will be high cost. Also, the two basic components, Anavar and Primobolan are often forged, so we have to be careful when purchased.
Finally it is necessary to make a post cycle therapy.

Week Primobolan Anavar Testosterone E
1 400mg/week - -
2 400mg/week - -
2 400mg/week - 200mg/week
4 400mg/week - 200mg/week
5 400mg/week 60mg/day 200mg/week
6 400mg/week 60mg/day 200mg/week
7 400mg/week 60mg/day 200mg/week
8 400mg/week 60mg/day 200mg/week
9 400mg/week 60mg/day 200mg/week
10 400mg/week 60mg/day 200mg/week
11 400mg/week 60mg/day 200mg/week
12 400mg/week 60mg/day 200mg/week