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Coffee recipe for bodybuilders

It tastes great, nourishes muscle growth and takes care of joints. Here's how to make coffee with these properties.

Those who are passionate about the strength room need 3 things in the morning: quality proteins for increasing muscle mass, collagen for healing the abused joints in the room and coffee ... because it is delicious!

Protein: You already know why you need protein, I don't have to tell you anymore. Try whey protein or micellar casein.
Collagen: Often obtained from tendons and skins of cows, collagen is also a protein, but an incomplete one. However, studies have shown that beating glucosamine and chondroitin is empty when it comes to joint health. Collagen does not help much in building muscle mass, but it is very good for those who work with heavy weights.
Coffee: Apart from its taste, numerous studies have shown that consuming coffee increases the lifespan through various mechanisms, including protecting DNA and reducing inflammation.

Even if all types of coffee have these properties, even the one without caffeine, however, it is best to choose slightly fried coffee instead of medium or very fried. Roasting reduces the amount of chlorogenic acid in coffee, a powerful antioxidant. The less fried, the more chlorogenic acid survives.

Now let's put all these things together - muscle protein, tendon protein and slightly fried coffee - to get coffee for a true bodybuilder!


470 ml of coffee
30 g vanilla protein powder
a cup of collagen, vanilla or flavorless peptides

He makes coffee.
Mix in the coffee protein powder and collagen.
Stir for 30 seconds or put everything in the blender. If you do blender, be sure to remove the small lid from above to allow the steam to come out.
The amount of coffee may vary to change the texture of the coffee.

Other options are to use the chocolate flavored protein to make a mocha drink.

Depending on what coffee you use, a cup of coffee for bodybuilders should not cost more than $0.5- $1 , as much as a coffee at Starbucks.