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Burn fat by running

Burn fat by running

Do you know what is the best part about running an hour continuously? NONE! If you want to get rid of excess fat, try running at intensity intervals instead of jogging!

Slow, long runs, either on the treadmill or outdoors, are monotonous and boring. In addition, they are not very effective in losing weight. Do you want to look like a Greek god? Welcome to intensity running. 

Burn fat by running, using the HIIT method. Basically, you intersperse intense running intervals with easy recovery intervals and keep repeating them this way . This increases your metabolism and also protects your muscle mass. Such workouts are difficult, but fast. In a maximum of 30 minutes you have completed the basic training (without heating). 

If you have never done such runs before, start with one session a week . As your fitness increases, go up to two or even three such sessions a week. You can run either on the treadmill, at the gym or outdoors. But I don't recommend doing them on a hard surface like asphalt! Grass or running track are ideal. 

Here are three examples of running that burn fat at a steady pace, during and after their end. Don't forget to warm up thoroughly beforehand, so as not to get injured and avoid a paralyzing muscle fever the next day.

Take a run to burn fat

  • Step 1: Sprint for 45 seconds 
  • Step 2: Go 15 seconds
  • Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 three times
  • Step 4: Run 20 minutes continuously at half the speed with which you do sprints
  • Step 5: Repeat steps 1 and 2 four times, at the maximum intensity you are still capable of.

Total time : 28 minutes.

The vicious circle

  • Step 1: Sprint to 85% of maximum capacity for 30 seconds
  • Step 2: Run 60 seconds easily
  • Step 3: Sprint to maximum capacity for 30 seconds
  • Step 4: Go 60 seconds
  • Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 nine times.

Total time : 30 minutes

Fighting fat

A workout that includes bodyweight exercises.

  • Step 1: Knee 45 seconds
  • Step 2: Knee bends with a 15 second jump
  • Step 3: Float 60 seconds
  • Step 4: Board 60 seconds
  • Step 5: Sprint 60 seconds, at the maximum speed you can develop during this time (you should be able to cover about 300 meters)
  • Step 6: Break 60 seconds 
  • Step 7: Repeat steps 1-6 5 times

Total time: 30 minutes