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A new reason to use creatine

There are many reasons to use creatine. Here is another very, very interesting one.

Better carbohydrate metabolism and nutrient partitioning

Creatine is a supplement for muscle growth that is known to work. In recent decades, scientific research has consistently shown that creatine can improve almost any aspect of health and physique, from improving brain health to improving strength through heavy exercise.

The latest creatine research shows that it can even help in partitioning nutrients, leading carbohydrates to muscles for energy and better recovery. This makes a great pair after workouts, especially if you add quality protein.

One study looked at the effects of creatine on carbohydrates taken after training and measured blood sugar. It was found that those taking creatine had better carbohydrate absorption.

This is probably because creatine exerts certain biological actions in cells, one of them being the enhancement of GLUT4 activation. GLUT4 receptors are located on muscle cells, acting as a gateway for carbohydrates and amino acids in the blood. By improving their sensitivity, more nutrients reach the muscle cells to repair and grow them.