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4 superfoods you should eat

Superfood is an abused term in the world of healthy nutrition. But here I present 4 superfoods that deserve their name, having the benefits of science.

Superfood! A term that attracts attention and is used on all blogs, websites and magazines dealing with nutrition. And every year there is a new superfood in fashion. Whether it's a rare Amazon fruit or a seed that treats any disease, most superfoods only have propaganda behind, not real evidence.

Even though there are no truly superfoods, I have gathered four foods that have enough evidence of their benefits behind.

1. Garlic
Garlic is known to improve cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and improving the lipid profile. Garlic also has antioxidant benefits, supporting the activity of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant produced by the human body. There is evidence that garlic can reduce blood glucose levels in the uninjured. Eating garlic fresh as often as possible is a very healthy culinary habit!

2. Berries
Berries such as blueberries are rich sources of anthocyanins and pterostilbene. Anthocyanins are the reason why berries can influence brain activity. Older people can eat berries (or take berries supplements) to improve their memory. But the mechanism behind this effect - the growth of a growth factor called BDNF - can work in young people as well.

3. Spirulina
Spirulina is a blue seaweed with a content of 55-70% complete protein. It gained notoriety after NASA conducted a few studies on it, for use in space missions. Spirulina contains a healthy dose of beta-carotene, a few basic minerals, vitamins and pro and pseudo vitamins. It is safe and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Studies suggest that supplementation with spirulina can greatly lower LDL-C, triglycerides and total cholesterol, increasing HDL-C. Animal studies suggest that spirulina may have neuroprotective effects, but these effects have not yet been confirmed in humans.

Unfortunately, the taste of spirulina is horrible.

4. Vegetables
Chives contain large amounts of nitrates, like red beets. In fact, red beet has so many nitrates that it can be used as a pre-workout supplement in the form of red beet juice.

Nitrates increase blood flow by dilating blood vessels. Eating foods rich in nitrates daily (such as arugula, parsley, dill, spinach, loboda, mackerel, grease, beetroot, etc.) will lower your blood pressure.

Don't take it after it's fashionable
New superfoods are often too good to be true. Do not take yourself after reading on commercial sites about new discoveries in nutrition. Read the studies if you are really interested in this topic!

Avoiding what's in fashion will help you save money in the long run and eat the one that has been proven to work!