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Holidays make me fat

How to survive the holidays without gaining weight

That time of year is approaching! The period of kilograms! Is fattening during the winter holidays inevitable? And is it so serious?

Every year, during the winter holidays, the "experts" on TV or in magazines urge us to eat sparingly and only turkey or chicken, just put our tongues on pork! Desserts? You'd better eat them out of sight! Otherwise, they threaten us, you will gain weight as you did not do it all year!

"Control portion sizes, skip dessert and look for low-fat products." That's about the common theme!

Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it? If we were to approach the problem differently: have fun and make everything feel good? I insist, take that slice of cake to stay on the table!

In this article I will explain how you can eat your Christmas dessert!

Holidays make me fat!

Research, rumors and general folklore predict that you will gain between 0.5 kg and 5 kg during the holidays.

And we believe it, considering the multitude of goodies that await you on the table during Christmas: cake, pies, sweets, alcohol, etc.

You promise yourself that this year you will be disciplined and swear that you only taste sweet, drink only a little mulled wine and ... a few glasses of wine later you get half a tray of cakes ready and you feel guilty and fat for the rest of the month.

Why? Instead of being proactive about holiday cooking decisions, you react to what happened.

Why do we eat too much during the winter holidays?

First of all, this is the tradition here. And when you are surrounded by food everywhere, it is difficult to refrain. Then, there is the social context ... you see your family, friends, colleagues, and sometimes emotional eating intervenes.

But remember that you always have a choice. If you go out with friends and what is on the table does not catch your eye, do not eat just because everyone does. During this period I go on the premise that what you eat must be worth gaining.

How to enjoy the belly-free holidays of Santa Claus:

Focus on satiety:
During large meals, focus on feeling full, not overgrown. Don't count calories and don't look at food ingredients, just relax and fill your plate with 80% meat and vegetables - foods that fill you - and leave some room for guilty pleasures. If the meal satisfies you, you are less likely to eat too much.

Know the foods that trigger your uncontrollable appetite: Be aware of what foods make you unable to stop eating and look for alternatives.

Make up your mind, but not until you feel sick or get to the emergency room: Make up your mind and eat what you like, but enjoy the experience, don't be stressed that you will gain weight. It is less likely to eat uncontrollably when you know you are doing it planned and without guilt, than to regret that you will gain weight, frustration will appear and you will indulge until you feel sick. To be sorry for how much you ate is really pork!

Separate food emotions: For some, the holidays can be stressful. Do not use food to cope with stress. Plan ahead of time when something will upset / stress you. A relaxing walk, a good movie, even a short workout. anything relaxes you instead of throwing yourself on the cake plate.

Relax and enjoy this period: Be happy! The positive attitude is contagious!