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Christmas Promo!!!

Dear customers, our online store - congratulates you with Christmas holidays! And we prepared a lot of gifts . After you place your order please write us the chosen gift !!!

    ORDER:                               Christmas Gift:

<200$ 10%     and 

10% and one of

 Strombafort 10
 Danabol 10
 Testosterona P
 Testosterona E
 Testosterona C   
>400$<700$ 10% and one of
 Nandrolona D
 SP Propionate
 Winstrol Depot
 Clenbuterol 40


10% and one of 

 Tamoximed 20
 Strombaject Aqua
 Strombafort 50
 Anastrozol 0.25mg


10% and one of

 Primobol Inj
 SP Masteron
 Trenbolone Forte 200