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Hygetropin 8IU

Hygetropin 8IU

Active substance: Somatropin, Human Growth Hormone 191aa
Manufacturer: Hygene
Unit: 1 vial x 8IU, 1 Kit 200IU

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Hygetropin won the hearts of athletes and is one of the most famous brands on the market. This is one of the most qualitative from all available growth hormones. The price of Hygetropin certainly is not for the cheap cycles, but it is the best HGH on the market today!


To achieve a good growth of muscle mass and burn fat at the same time, it is better to combine Hygetropin with anabolic steroids, such as  Testosteron Enanthate or Sustamed in dosages of 250mg per week. Do not inject into the same place on body. The increase in body mass weight of 7- 8kg for 5-6 weeks is a common result.

More experienced professional athletes use HGH directly with insulin, they can achieve fantastic results on muscle growth. The growth hormone is the best product for strengthening and healing of ligaments, joints, cartilage, treatment of various injuries. Growth hormone is perfect for athletes before competitions at the time when they are following a strict diet in order to burn as much as possible fat and maintain muscle mass. Growth hormone has a positive effect on the skin, strengthens the immune system, reduces wrinkles, improves the cardiovascular system, increases the energy and the mobility.

For a rejuvenating and healing effect of growth hormone, use it in dosages ranging from 4 to 10 IU per day, duration from 2 to six months.

Pharmacological properties
Anabolic effect - causing muscle growth
Anti-catabolic effect - inhibits muscle breakdown
Reduces body fat
Improves energy use
Accelerates the healing of wounds
Rejuvenation effect
Stimulates the re-growth of internal organs (atrophied with age)
Causes the growth of bones and increases the growth of young people up to 26 years (before the close of the growth zones); strengthens the bones
Increases the level of glucose in the blood; strengthens the immune system

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